The major difference between them is the capacity of a single roast. We give corresponding heating power and cooling fans on each roaster to meet the roasting needs of different capacities.

The M1 has the smallest capacity: 50-200 g. The M1 is defined as a household-type coffee roaster and has been redesigned to be more compact and sophisticated to cater to its usage scenario. 

The M2 is equipped with a medium-sized capacity: 50-400 g. The M2 was the first roaster to go into production, and after years of upgrading and maintenance, it is a fully functional, stable, and well-equipped medium-sized roaster. Its use scenario is the transition from home roasting and small cafe roasting to moderate roasting.

The M10 has the same appearance as the M2, with industrial linear and muscular aesthetics, while having a larger capacity: 500-1200 grams, it is defined as a commercial use roaster.

We defined 3 versions based on different roasting demands, named Standard, Pro, and Intelligent.

The Standard version comes with a 4.7″ touch screen panel. All of the operations and curves are based on the panel. It was built in a unique system to record the temperature profile. It’s comparatively easier to operate and friendly to those computer novices.

The Pro version does not have a panel to operate it but connects to Artisan via Bluetooth or USB cable. It is able to record temperature curves and replicate them to ensure a consistent taste for each batch of beans. It’s perfect for those who work in coffee shops or have a strong desire to chase consistency in taste.  Once you ordered the Pro version, we will send you the artisan installation package, Bluetooth built-in files, and reference recipes.

Considering the instability of artisan connections (which may exist) and the complex configuration files for novice computer users, Kaleido engineers developed the intelligent version, which is based on a separate system. It has the same features as the Pro version.  It comes with a 7″ touch screen panel, which enables recording and replicating curves.

No, the built-in smoke extraction system is able to absorb most of the smoke. As the roast volume and roast level increase, Kaleido Roaster will produce more smoke. For people who own M10 and roast over 500g or who are used to roasting dark, we recommend you prepare an exhaust pipe to solve the problem.

Usually, the carbon fiber infrared heating tube that comes with the roaster is not easily damaged. We place spare heating tubes inside the package to meet the needs of customers who want more power to achieve faster preheating. If necessary, you can put both heating tubes inside the machine, then the heating efficiency will be much better.

We do not recommend reaching or even exceeding the maximum roast amount in a single roast. Although the drums can hold these beans, too many beans packed in the drum will result in uneven roasting.

The Kaleido Roaster does not need to be cooled between roasts. On the contrary, after finishing all roastings, please make the drum stir and cool until the air temperature drops below 50°C.

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